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"The first duty of a newspaper is to be accurate.  If it be accurate, it follows that it is fair."      

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  Hindi News Clips of Bhopal - Monday, January 26, 2015
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eq[;ea=h vkxj & ekyok esa Qgjk,axs frjaxk >aM+k ihiqYl lekpkj
eq[;ea=h us nh izns'kokfl;ksa dks x.kra= fnol dh 'kqHkdkeuk,a nSfud tkxj.k
bankSj dks LEkkVZ flVh cukus ds iz;kl gksaxs % pkSgku nSfud tkxj.k
bankSj dks Xykscy vkSj fMftVy flVh cuk,axs & eq[;ea=h nSfud tkxj.k
vkf[kjh nkSj esa nkao ij fnXxtksa dk ne ihiqYl lekpkj; la?k"kZ esa my>s izR;k'kh fHkrj?kkr vkSj ckfx;ksa ls [krjk nSfud HkkLdj
ernku izfr'kr c<+kus ds fy, vQljksa dk gqvk lEeku nSfud HkkLdj
iqjLd`r gq, vf/kdkjh & deZpkjh nSfud if=dk
t;nhi us csLV LVsV dk vokMZ fy;k nSfud tkxj.k
eiz ds 28 vQljksa dks jk"Vªifr ind ihiqYl lekpkj
eiz ds rhu yksxksa dks in~e iqjLdkj uo Hkkjr
,Mhth ehuk lfgr 6 dks jk"Vªifr dk ohjrk iqjLdkj jkt ,Dlizsl
eujsxk dk csLV dUkotsZal vokMZ ,eih dks ihiqYl lekpkj
dsanz ds ckn r; gksxk izns'k dk ctV ihiqYl lekpkj
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   English News Clips of Bhopal - Monday, January 26, 2015
Friends of MP Conclave in New York on February 1 Central Chronicle
Governor , CM greet people on R- Day Pioneer
Cent per cet voting necessary to sustain democracy :CS Free Press
28 Police officials selected for President's medal Free Press
Advani , Dilip , Amitabh get Padma Vibhushan Free Press
GIS : Candila moves ahead with Rs 500 crore investment plans Hindustan Times
' Health dept's action against pvt hospitals reporting flu not ok ' Hindustan Times
Zip over GAD flyover , but gridlocks below Time of India
Centre to scrap JNNURM ; civic body worried about funds Hindustan Times
Reality check : Sultania Hospital caught in row , staff morale down Hindustan Times
Land allotment in Bhind : state gets HC notice Time of India
R- Day : Traffic diverions put in place Time of India
Republic Day Central Chronicle
State government 's schemes create atmosphere in favour of girls Free Press
Chief Minister Chouhan greets State's people on Republic Day The Hitvada
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