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"The first duty of a newspaper is to be accurate.  If it be accurate, it follows that it is fair."      

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  Hindi News Clips of Bhopal - Thursday, August 25, 2016
Nk=ksa ds [kkrsa esa VªkalQj fd, 44-7 djksM+ :i, nSfud tkxj.k
gksugkj Nk=ksadh i<+kbZ esa /ku dk vHkko ugha cusxk ck/kk % f'kojkt jkt ,Dlizsl
dsanz dh rtZ ij jkT; esa Hkh gks th,lVh dkmafly nSfud if=dk
th,lVh ls fuos'k vklku gksxk % lh,e nSfud HkkLdj
th,lVh dks eiz fo/kkulHkk dh Hkh eatwjh] i{k&foi{k ds lqj Hkh feys nSfud tkxj.k
eiz esa th,lVh fcy loZlEefr ls ikfjr] ns'k dk vkBoka jkT; cuk jkt ,Dlizsl
eq[;ea=h ls feyus dh ftn ij vM+h Nk=k nSfud ubZ nqfu;k
th,lVh dkmafly dks feyslaoS/kkfud ntkZ jkt ,Dlizsl
,d ns'k ,d dj iz.kkyh cusxh th,lVh nSfud tkxj.k
izns'k ds lkekU; oxZ ds fu/kZu Nk= & Nk=kvksa dks feysxh Ldkyjf'ki nSfud tkxj.k
ladYi ysdj ns'k & izns'k dk Hkfo"; cuk,a fo|kFkhZ % lh,e jkt ,Dlizsl
ubZ f'k{kk uhfr ij fo|kfFkZ;ksa ls ekaxsQslcqd & fV~oVj ij lq>ko nSfud uo nqfu;k
;g ^th,lVh* dk eksVk & eksVk Lo:i vHkh cgqr dqN gksuk gS r; % eyS;k jkt ,Dlizsl
iz/kkuea=h us eq[; lfpo ls iwNs eiz esa ck<+ ds gky nSfud uo nqfu;k
iz/kkuea=h eksnh us eiz esa ck<+ dh fLFkfr tkuh jkt ,Dlizsl
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   English News Clips of Bhopal - Thursday, August 25, 2016
CM gives 17,196 laptops to toppers Pioneer
CM presents laptops, cash, cycles to meritorious students Hindustan Times
Think out of the box, We Will invest in your copany : CM tells students Free Press
CM seeks students' suggestions to make edu scheme a success DB.Post
MP Assembly ratifies GST Bill Pioneer
Students should contribute for progress of State : CM The Hitvada
Assembly ratifies GST Bill Hindustan Times
Cabinet approves 9 rail projects in 9 states Central Chronicle
Rio Tinto calls it quits , staff accpet VRS in 36 hours Time of India
MP hastens to tweek Town planning Act DB.Post
MP Assembly completes the 'formality' of ratifying GST Bill DB.Post
State ratifies GST , no cheer for fuel , liquor Time of India
'Disputes on GST could go to court ' Time of India
Assembly clears GST Bill unanimously Free Press
CM , Guv , Lop greet State on Janmashtami Pioneer
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