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"The first duty of a newspaper is to be accurate.  If it be accurate, it follows that it is fair."      

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  Hindi News Clips of Bhopal - Sunday, November 23, 2014
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5 lky esa ';ksiqj dks cuk nsaxs LEkkVZ flVh % f'kojkt nSfud if=dk
Xokfy;j ds fodkl esa iSls dh deh ugha gksxh ihiqYl lekpkj
fudk; pquko esa 'kq: gqbZ tqckuh tax nSfud tkxj.k
dkaxzsl dh vuns[kh ls dbZ ftyksa esa fiNM+kiu nSfud uo nqfu;k
lh,e us dkykuh ds fu/ku ij fd;k 'kksd O;DRk jkt ,Dlizsl
iqfyldfeZ;ksa dks gQ~rs esa ,d NqV~Vh nsaxs % xkSj nSfud HkkLdj
dkaxzsl ds vkjksi ij cksys jkT;iky fdlh ds ncko esa ugha fd, gLrk{kj nSfud if=dk
eSaus ifjlheu ij gLrk{kj ncko esa ugha fd, % jkT;iky nSfud HkkLdj
turk Hkjkslk djs ] ,slk dke djsa % ljrkt flag ihiqYl lekpkj
ihMCY;wM+h ds dk;ksZaij turk dk Hkjkslk de jkt ,Dlizsl
?kkj vkSj 'kgMksy ftys esa Hkh lHkh ifjokjksa ds cSad [kkrs jkt ,Dlizsl
/kkj vkSj 'kgM+ksy esa Hkh [kqysaxs lHkh ifjokj ds cSad [kkrs ihiqYl lekpkj
bZ&vkWfQl esa rCnhy gksxk jkT; ea=ky; jkt ,Dlizsl
ea=ky; & fo/kkulHkk ds chp isij ofdZax nSfud if=dk
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   English News Clips of Bhopal - Sunday, November 23, 2014
No pressure to give permission for delimitation : MP Guv Central Chronicle
Woman thrown off train : Governor direts early action Hindustan Times
Malwa Express incident: Governor visits victim Pioneer
Attach top priority to Simhastha works Central Chronicle
Accounts of all families opened in Dhar and Shadol districta also Central Chronicle
School edu dept mulls e- classrooms Time of India
Drug storekeepers in 19 districts suspended Hindustan Times
Case against me part of consipiracy Gufran Hindustan Times
No fine is fine for cops Time of India
Drone - like recording device seized from foreigner in Jabalpur Hindustan Times
BJP permits State MPs to keep away form LS till Civic polls Free Press
Bhopal to have 85 wards Time of India
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