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"The first duty of a newspaper is to be accurate.  If it be accurate, it follows that it is fair."      

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  Hindi News Clips of Bhopal - Saturday, November 28, 2015
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Hkksiky esa jkes'oje~ rd ckbd ;k=k uo Hkkjr
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xjhc vkSj detksj oxksZa ds fodkl ds gjlaHko iz;kl uo Hkkjr
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eiz ds eaM+i dks feyk f}rh; iqjLdkj jkt ,Dlizsl
^izns'k dks fQj feysxk Vkbxj LVsV dk ntkZ * nSfud uo nqfu;k
Vkbxj LVsV dk ntkZ ikus tkjh gSa iz;kl jkt ,Dlizsl
igys fdlkuksa dh vk; r; djsa fQj nsa lkrok a osrueku nSfud tkxj.k
fiNys o"kksZa ds vokfMZ;ksa dks feysxh ukSdjh nSfud HkkLdj
izns'k dk igyk fyoj VªkalIykaV lsaVj Hkksiky esa [kqysxk nSfud HkkLdj
izkstsDV dh ekuhVfjax ,sls djsa ] tSls [kqn dk ?kj nSfud tkxj.k
fj;y ghjkst us cny nh xkaoksa dh rLohj nSfud if=dk
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   English News Clips of Bhopal - Saturday, November 28, 2015
'Basmati status to states ' paddy to be ensured ' The Hitvada
Basmati status to states paddy to be ensured Central Chronicle
Chauhan flags off bike rally taken out to spread Simhastha - 2016 message Free Press
CM flags off motorcycle journey spreading Simhastha's message The Hitvada
Every possible assitance to poor , weaker sections : CM The Hitvada
MP wins second prize at India International Trade Fair Pioneer
Ultra traumna centre at MY hospital in offing Pioneer
Smart City splurge , Centre & civic body get notice Time of India
'Implement Swaminathan panel recomendation on minimum support price ' Hindustan Times
MPRDC yet to funish details of flyash used on roads construction The Hitvada
With 8 bjp MLAs , Ratlam turned back on ruling party Time of India
Polling boohts of 7 urban bodies to be physically verfied The Hitvada
Discoms brace up to seek 25 % hike in power tariff Time of India
Dalits , tribals meet CM over land rights issue ; talks inconclusive Hindustan Times
Hope floats for Ramzan : Sr Pakistani diplomat meets stranded boy in Bhopal Hindustan Times
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