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"The first duty of a newspaper is to be accurate.  If it be accurate, it follows that it is fair."      

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  Hindi News Clips of Bhopal - Thursday, October 19, 2017
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   English News Clips of Bhopal - Thursday, October 19, 2017
Justice Naresh Kumar Gupta takes oath as Lokayukta The Hitvada
Justice Gupta takes Oath as Lokayukta Time of India
Lokayukt takes oath of office but his deputy skips function DB.Post
I'll burst crackers, it is a tradition of Diwali : Shivraj Time of India
Guv, CM extend Diwali wishes Time of India
Chouhan says he will burst firecrackers DB.Post
CM eyes investors on his six-day trip to US DB.Post
BJP discusses Chitrakoot by-polls candidate The Hitvada
Kolaras MLA passes away Pioneer
Kolaras Congress MLA Yadav dies DB.Post
CM Chouhan Extends Deepawali's Greetings to people Central Chronicle
WCD Bhaidooj gift : Free dirving license to women Time of India
MP rowers to participate at Youth Olympic Games 2018 The Hitvada
Financial crunch impeding overhaul of jails Free Press
3 month on, cops yet to crack ATM fraud, Rs 43L heist case The Hitvada
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