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Download Hindi Fonts : 


1.  Download Krdv010.ttf  (for normal)

2 Download Krdv013.ttf  (for Bold Italic)

3.  Download Krdv012.ttf (for Italic)

4.  Download Krdv016.ttf  (for Thin)

5.  Download Krdv011.ttf  (for Bold)


Instructions for Downloading the Fonts :


Step 1:

            click on the Download button to download the releted font

            For Ex. To download Krdv010 click on  Download Krdv010.ttf  link,then following  message window appears    


            click on Save button, the following window will appear to select the path

Step 2:

            Select the path of Fonts Directory. For Ex. "c:\windows\fonts" in Windows XP


          Now  click on Save button.

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